As some may comfort with routine, others prefer to go beyond the conventional, they choose to be visionaries. We call them daydreamers.

Our crew is made for those who have a desire in life and don´t hesitate to make that portrayal their existence.

CHEVI- Visioned by Daydreamers



En el año 2021, luego de dedicar múltiples veranos a reflexionar sobre mi próximo proyecto, opté por lanzar una sudadera con un diseño de carácter surrealista. Me dedique a venderla a toda la escuela. Muchos compraban por pena, pero conseguí vender unas pocas y eso me ayudo a pensar en como sacar esto de verdad.



En verano de 2022 decidí sacar la marca en condiciones. Cree un logo, una web, unos diseños... Con todo el dinero que tenia ahorrado de cumpleaños y de lavar coches, saque Chevi. Al principio no se vendio absolutamente nada, habia gastado todos mis ahorros en lanzar la marca y ni a dios le gustaba.

Por eso decidí hacer un pequeño re-branding, aprender de personas que ya estaban en el sector y en Septiembre de 2022 conseguí hacer mi primera venta a un desconocido.



Ya somos más de 15,000 personas en la comunidad y sumando. Unete ya para poder decir que fuiste parte del proceso y no solo del movimiento.


This isn't the typical story of two privileged college students who graduate and start their own clothing brand. This is Chevi. A brand founded by an ordinary guy who felt it was more important to pursue his vision than to earn straight A's in every subject. His desire to create a project that would define him and convey a clear message to those who shared his ideology made it possible for his idea to come to life, with less than €100 in savings from "Grandma's tips" and a few car washes.

It's a constant learning process, but the most important thing is to get started. At the age of 14, the idea of starting something seemed almost impossible, but who would have known that three years later, we would be more than 15,000 people sharing our way of thinking?

To anyone in need of assistance with their project, we will always be available. (@cheviclothing @nicodelalamo)


We could give you the same spiel that every brand sells. Be different, change the game, dream, and you'll achieve your goals... But that's not us. Chevi consists of two factors: Visionaries, people who know what they want and go after it. Just as my vision is Chevi, you should have yours. I won't tell you to be an artist or that Chevi is for a specific group of people. Everyone has their own vision, ideas, and ambitions. In the end, Chevi is for everyone.

"One vision is all you need, no matter how blurred that vision is at the start."

This ties into the other component: Daydreamer. Although it might sound a bit cheesy, being a daydreamer means being someone who daydreams with a purpose. Someone who is thinking about their goals day and night and then works towards making them a reality. It doesn't matter if that vision is winning over your ideal partner and you're at work, in math class, or studying at university thinking about them. It doesn't matter if it's becoming the greatest mathematician in history or creating a clothing brand. Ultimately, what matters is having faith in your goal and doing everything in your power to turn that vision into reality. Remember that dreaming all day accomplishes nothing if you don't take action.

"Vision, daydream, take action, repeat."


As much as I grow and as much as Chevi grows, the brand will never stop being the kid who designed in class and daydreamed. Chevi's lifestyle embodies what that student once dreamed and imagined during school: a life in constant motion, filled with grand events and minimal monotony. The lifestyle we present is everything Nico envisioned in the past during class and that is gradually becoming a reality thanks to this project. All without losing the essence of the mindset he had when he was punished without recess for gazing at the clouds.

"Live life like it was a video game."

CHEVI, The place to trust your vision, embrace your dreams, and take action.

Visioned by Daydreamers