We raffle 20 t-shirts and a guaranteed prize to everyone who leaves their e-mail in our newsletter. Winners will be announced on Instagram, and they must contact us via DM to claim their prize. The draw will take place on August 8, 2022 and will end when all the winners have been announced. Any winner who does not claim their prize in less than 24 hours will be eliminated as a winner and will not be able to claim their prize.


Participants must upload a story to their personal Instagram account of our giveaway. Secondary accounts, group accounts or accounts with less than 50 followers will not be able to participate in the draw. Participants must mention @cheviclothing in the center of the story, this mention must be visible. In case of labeling too small, the participation will not be valid. Private accounts have to send us an MD with a screenshot in order to participate. Once the draw is over, we will verify that the winning accounts have not deleted their story on Instagram. Participants must mention their friends in the giveaway post (celebrity accounts, fake accounts, etc. will not be allowed)